Who We Are

Welcome to MWBT, Maasai Women Blazing Trails. MWBT is an organization of Maasai women that will empower them in their society and community, and take take actions leading to their controlling their lives, actions that will uplift them in social and economic arenas. MWBT serves Maasai women in Moipo area and other districts of Maasai land in northern Tanzania.

Our Story

The MWB founder was a Maasai girl who was born in a village and went first to local school but then went on to make her educational journey extraordinary and successful. She was born in Ruvu Remit village in Manyara region. Natoiwok T. Saetwa has completed her master's studies and has not forgotten where she came from. The had to find her way past the challenges she experienced as a girl coming from a very poor family and background. She found the way to open the doors to her success in education. Affording the cost of studies was very difficult for her, but there were people who helped her to achieve her goals. If she had not created this path, she would have met a forced married to a husband and would have been married very early when she was young.

Natoiwok T. Saetwa
Natoiwok T. Saetwa
Natoiwok T. Saetwa
Natoiwok T. Saetwa

Natoiwok broke the chains of confinement in the darkness of staying at home and waiting to get married. The chains of society's ignorance, of not recognizing the right to education for a girl child could have denied her that right and make her education only a dream. Fortunately, she managed to go to school to achieve the highest level of master's studies and now she is enjoying the life that education makes possible. Her happiness is very great. She has been a help to her parents and her extended family who all together enjoy the fruits of her education with her.

Natoiwok, seeing the benefits of education, has now established this non-profit organization so that she can help girls in educational and women to get the right to development like they have in other communities. This organization she started will be a voice for Maasai women in raising the call for social justice, owning land, gaining other economic rights and finally freedom for dominating social control.


The board of the Maasai Women Blazing Trails organization is created as the heart of the organization to achieve its goals for the target community.

Board Members